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Pre-configure the calculator to improve student user experience.  Capture and report travel modes, calculated impacts, and custom travel attitude  opinions to use as classroom educational material or as quantitative results to support participation in Active School  or School Travel Planning Programs.

How Does it Work?

Did you know?

Teachers and school administrators can, for a small subscription fee, register to:

  • configure the calculator for their school to improve student user experience.
  • allow the ability of students to upload their calculator results to a school and classroom database.
  • generate  summarized results reports for use in the classroom or evaluation of program success.

What Features of the Calculator can be Configured?

The following features can be configured:
  • the school name and location such that the school name and location automatically displays in the all versions of the calculator when the Classroom Code is entered by the calculator user.
  • Metric or Imperial unit of measure.
  • price of local gasoline.
  • insertion of a welcome or introduction message that will be displayed on the calculator when the Classroom Code is enters by the calculator user.
  • a travel attitude survey question with up to 5 responses which are displayed in the calculator at the completion of the calculation.

What Results can be Displayed or Printed?

A variety of results and comparison reports.

The user can request reports that:
  • Compare current travel results with goal travel results based on calculator results posted by students over a selected time period. See a sample report and how it can be used.
  • Compare current, goal, or differences results in a single school or classroom over two  selected time periods. See a sample report.
  • Compare current, goal or difference results between two classrooms in the same school.  See a sample report.
  • Provide totals either of the students reporting or prorated based on the number of students in the school or classroom.
  • Report travel attitude survey responses See a sample report.
Reports provide, with percentage of total by:
  • total students that have completed the calculation and survey and have uploaded their results
  • total and average distances travelled by mode of transportation
  • total weekly trips by mode of transportation
  • average, shortest and longest trip distance
  • annual and per trip average walking and biking
  • annual and per trip average gasoline/diesel annual use and cost
  • annual and per trip average greenhouse gas emissions
Comparison of classes and schools:
  • school to school or classrooms from different school comparison reports. See sample report.
  • travel distance demographics i.e.number of students whose trips are within defined distances (0 – 0.25 km, 0.26 – 0.50km etc, 0 – 0.15 miles, 0.16 – 0.30 miles etc). See a sample report.
  • percentages of Active Travel trips (Walking and Biking) within defined distances.

How Much Does it Cost?

Subscription is based on a full school year access period:  September – August

Single school   $150  (includes webinar training and support)

Each additional school   $100

10 Schools  $900

20 School $1,500

30 Schools $2,250

Please contact us for further information on pricing and customization.