The use of the basic calculator is free. To take advantage or the customizable features, and to access the available reports, registration an annual subscription fee is required.

Each school account can be configured to support up to 25 classrooms with 35 students per classroom.

  • Single school   $150  (includes webinar training and support)
  • Each additional school   $100
  • 10 Schools  $900
  • 20 School $1,500
  • 30 Schools $2,250

Please contact us for further information on trials, volume pricing and customization.

Upon confirmation of purchase you will be provided access to an Account set-up screen where you will configure your account, school and classroom information. You will be provided with Classroom Codes that you can distribute to participating teachers to provide their students, that when entered into the iSchoolTravel calculator will automatically configure the calculator with your school’s information.

Subscriptions are valid for a full year from the date of activation. Recorded data is maintained in the database for future year access if the subscription is renewed.

The Hub for Active School Travel, the originator of iSchoolTravel is a non-profit organization that is grant funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment. Unfortunately  grant funding does not cover the full costs of the development and operation of the IST calculator and Configuration and Reporting tools.  While we offer the web and iPad version of the calculator for free use to students and teachers around the world, we do need to charge a nominal fee for the value of ability to personally configure the calculator and access the reporting functions to help cover the costs of the program. Please support the continued availability and development of the iSchoolTravel tools.