How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Air Mattress and Bedding

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When you think about the term “bed bug”, one of the first images that probably pops into your mind are those disgusting brown or black marks found on the body of your bed partner. But there is good news today because there are ways to treat and eradicate the bed bugs from your mattress as well as other rooms in your house. If you have a mattress that is infested with these creepy crawlies, the first step is to eliminate or put an end to the problem by calling an expert. You can also try some simple tips on how to eliminate bed bugs on your own. Read on to find out how:

Use old sheets and pillowcases. This might sound stupid, but if you want to get rid of the bed bugs, then it would be advisable to use pillowcases and old sheets. In using old items, you will not only make sure that the room is kept clean and tidy but you will also make it possible for you to resell it when the bugs have already taken up residence on the air mattress. Note that bed bugs thrive in humid and moist areas so using an air mattress cover is an excellent idea.

Open the windows. Another effective way to get rid of the bed bug infestation is to open the windows of your room during the day especially on hot days. The heat coming from the sun will cause the moisture on your mattress to rise which will then provide the right environment for bed bugs to thrive and breed. It is important to note that the room should be kept dry at all times.Learn more information about wood vs metal bed frame

Clean the carpets. If you happen to be living in a rental unit and you discover that there are bed bugs in your house, it is wise to check out your rental unit carefully before purchasing it. Begin vacuuming the carpets and take everything out of the room. Note that the air mattresses should be vacuumed too as these items are used on a regular basis.

If there are visible signs of bed bugs such as feces, they could also be detected through visual inspection. For this, it would be wise to use a bright torchlight to inspect the mattress. The presence of the feces indicates that there are bed bugs feeding on the left over sheets of the mattress. If the flashlight cannot locate the bed bugs, you can use a special hand held device that emits a high pitched sound. This will attract the attention of the bed bugs and they will fall off the mattress into the floor.

Lastly, you may also want to use pesticides that are specifically made for eliminating bed bugs. However, you should only spray the mattress and not the entire room. Pesticides can harm you as well as the bed bugs if accidentally sprayed into the eyes. If using pesticides, wear the proper protective clothing such as nitrile gloves and long sleeves.

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