The iSchoolTravel calculator and analysis tools can be used to compliment classroom educational experiences or as a measurement tool.  Here are some ideas and links below.  Please  send us your ideas and links to program resources.

Bike to School Week

Did you know?Many communities sponsor a Bike to School week event. Use the iSchoolTravel calculator to support a Bike to School week event in your school, either in conjunction with the community event, or your own. Have a classroom challenge as to which class has the most students that can switch from being driven to bike to school

A few days prior to the start of the event, have each student in the classroom use the calculator to enter their current mode of travel, then use the plan section to make a commitment to biking for the week. For younger students suggest this as a parent participation support activity.  If you are using the advance option version, craft you survey  specifically to bike related questions.

Once all students have completed logging their commitment, print the result and discuss with the class. For school wide programs post the classroom summary data and congratulate the winning classrooms.


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