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Every day all financial institutions process and gather thousands of files in paper archives. While these trends could affect property and casualty (P&C) in a range of ways, two scenarios illustrate the extent to which they could transform the landscape. For a detailed discussion of all ten tech trends, see Jacomo Corbo, Nicolaus Henke, and Ivan Ostojic, “The top trends in tech,” June 15, 2021. Over the next decade, the fully tech-enabled insurer will bear little resemblance to today’s organization. Five trends, individually and in combination, will have a seismic impact. For example, an IT consultant with several large clients will likely have a higher cost than a software developer with only a few clients.

AI insurance solutions allow companies to offer personalized quotations for customers, integrate robo-advisors, and improve fraud detection. Insurance is a data-driven business that ought to consider numerous factors about customers and strongly rely on statistics. However, the industry still leverages historical rather than real-time data. Various wearables and sensors are yet to reach their potential of data streaming and hyper-personalization. While we’ve discussed multiple technologies that drive disruptive change in the industry, most of them will remain isolated experiments without a solid data strategy and a centralized data management pipeline. Click to know more

If you apply optical character recognition algorithms, these become valuable assets that tell an insightful story about your customers. So, there’s nothing new to the technology except increased accuracy of the underlying machine learning algorithms capable of digitizing text. In assessing how these trends are affecting the insurance industry—across lines and core processes—we pinpointed five that are likely to have an outsize impact over the next few years . It’s important to understand that tech E&O is different from cyber insurance.

Amid today’s fast-moving data and technology environment, insurers are faced with implementing emerging technologies, building a culture of innovation, and improving processes, workflows, and results. For years, insurers have been applying patches to legacy systems, and tending to technology modernization as an ad hoc priority. Xceedance technology services span across the entire insurance value chain to help businesses digitize and reinforce end-to-end processes, future-proofing their core operations. We help insurance organizations move up the digital maturity curve leveraging proven technology frameworks, proprietary tools, leading commercial-off-the-shelf platforms, and expert services.

The Lemonade Public API. The Lemonade Public API is an API developed by a property insurance company Lemonade. The API allows for integration with the variety of digital products (iOS/Android apps and Websites). Lemonade Public API provides a developer with products, quotation, policy creation, and payment functions. Blockchain implementation is a $5-10 billion cost-saving opportunity for reinsurers worldwide, according to PWC. No wonder it is recognized as the second largest distributed ledger use case in fintech after payments. The major benefits for stakeholders are reduction of verification and validation time, elimination of errors and minimization of reputational risks.

If the company deals with a number of small private practices – which still work with paper documents – the import is streamlined by image recognition algorithms that digitize the documents. The integrated logistics company Maersk has built a maritime blockchain with a vision for using IoT and smart contracts to update policies in an automated fashion. Achieved 90% reduction in manual efforts, 160 man-months savings in pipeline, and 100% consistency and repeatability in the quality of processing the requests.

The information provided on this website does not constitute insurance advice. Complete Insureon’s online application and contact one of our licensed insurance professionals to obtain advice for your specific business insurance needs. With digital tools, P&C insurers can offer empathic, quality service for catastrophe-related claims.

More insurance companies are investing intechnology like this, and chatbot capabilities are expected to increase in 2021. Innovation through research and development is vital for the success of any technology company, but downtime in operations can result in a significant loss of income and expense. Our business interruption cover protects not only product and service revenue streams, additional increased costs of working but also research and development expenditure. At The Hartford, we know it takes work to earn your clients’ trust – we’ve been earning ours for over 200 years.

The device includes a GPS system, motion sensors, a SIM card, and has analytics software. A telematic box tracks speed, location, time, crash accidents, driving distances, breaks, and other driving data. Claim reporting is also changed by a combination of machine learning and mobile technologies. A customer can send the vehicle image and the claim will be submitted without wasting time on dealing with paper documents or large web forms. The customer data that has been collecting dust in paper archives for decades is no longer an expenditure item in a profit-and-loss statement.

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