As more students use the IST calculator and record their results we can begin to provide some overall statistics.  These are the first set up numbers that we have pulled from the overall database for October 2012. The sample size is but  provide  the overall numbers look reasonable.

Travel Mode Type as a % of Overall Trips 

School Type     Respondents       Walk %      Bike %     Bus %     Car %          Active        Non_Active

Elementary                  80                        39%          14%            8%           39%            53%              47%

Middle School             8                           44%          8%             7%            41%           52%               48%

High School                  85                        31%          6%              24%          39%          37%              63%


Average Distances Per Mode Type (Kilometres)

School Type          Average      Walk       Bike      Bus      Car

Elementary                  1.1                 0.5          1.2            1.0           1.8

Middle School            1.4                  2.0         1.4             2.2        11.3

High School                5.2                   1.8          4.0           6.0          8.7

We will attempt provide additional statistics on a weekly basis, dependant on calculator usage.

These results are primarily from IST usage in B.C. schools. As the calculator is used more we will begin to provide segmentation based on geography i.e. country, provincial and state breakdowns, plus provide results for specific schools who have interesting results.

Please encourage your students to use the calculator and complete the session by clicking on the upload your results button. (there is no personal data collected).  If you wish to have on-line access to your school or school district results, please register with iSchoolTravel.



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