The 2012-2013 school year is now well under way and the  iSchoolTravel tools are ready. Downloads of the iPad version of the calculator have been robust.  We are starting to see heavy use of the calculator by students around North America.  A number of schools have registered to track their students calculated impacts at a classroom and school level. We have also run two successful webinars with more planned.

The calculator, both web and iPad versions have been available for student use since early August.  Version 1.1 is now available which provides full connectivity to the iSchoolTravel Configuration and Reporting tools module. Version 1.1 also has added help, information and pop up context capability.  Want to find out what the 8000 calories you have burned walking to school is equivalent too?  Click the question mark icon beside your result to find out (170 apples or 88 cans of cola).

The Configuration and Reporting Tool is now fully operational.  Teachers or administrators can now configure the IST calculator specifically for their school and program.  The configuration capability allows for the inclusion of a custom or introduction message that displays when the calculator is started, addition of the school name and location, plus set-up of active travel  barrier and attitude survey questions. Teachers and administrators can also generate a variety of reports that provide detail and summary information for all uploaded student calculator results. Running a iWalk Week program? Before the week, have the students (in classroom) or parents (home survey) use the calculator to enter their current travel patterns, then set a a goal for a more active travel week.  Generate the report and view what the participation rate of the program could be.

Once we have some cumulative data will be begin to post summary results of school travel patterns and impacts.

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