is a partnership between the Hub for Active School Travel (HASTe) and Passion for Action.

HASTe is a not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. HASTe  provides tools and resources to those who’s mission is to encourage and enable students to use active transportation (walking and biking) where possible travelling to and from school.

The HASTe website, provides a rich collection of resources for students, teachers, education administrators and parents.

Resouces include:

  • The iSchoolTravel calculator and classroom results capture database
  • Safe Travel Planning (STP) and Active and Safe Routes To School (ASRTS) Travel expertise and consulting services
  • Cool Routes to School
  • Links to active transportation classroom material
  • An Action Showcase map of successful programs


Passion for Action is a developer of tools and programs for organizations that encourage active and sustainable living.
Passion for Action develops web and IPad based applications:
  • iSchoolTravel calculator and results database
  • iWork Travel calculator and database
  • Route planning tools
  • Carbon footprint calculators for home and business
  • Bike to Work route mapping and trip tracker tools.