This is a sample of one of the reports available to teachers or administrators who subscribe for access to the Configuration and Reporting tool to view student submitted calculator results.  This report compares the student uploaded results Now travel impact data for a single classroom over two different time periods, in this case comparing year over year changes.

This report is useful in measuring the impact of longer term Active Travel programs.  In this example Colebrook Elementary is working with the City of Surrey and the Hub for Active School Travel (HASTe) in the implementation of a School Travel Planning Program. Mr. Bean Grade 5 Classroom, along with all the other Colebrook Elementary Classrooms has asked his students to individually work through the calculator and upload their results. This will form the baseline data for measuring the success of the program. Through the course of the school year the School Travel Planning process will occur and hopefully positive changing in side walk safety, street crossings, bike use safety and parental and student attitudes will have been achieved.  The following year he will ask his new classroom to rerun the calculator process again.    The results as displayed in the sample report will show the year over year difference, hopefully an increase in active travel modes.

Year over Year Active Travel Results Report

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