This is a sample of one of the reports available to teachers or administrators who subscribe for access to the Configuration and Reporting tool to view student submitted calculator results.  This report compares the student uploaded results Current and Goal travel impact data for a single classroom.

This report is useful for providing real data for classroom exercises or in preparation for classroom involvement in programs such as iWalk2012, Bike to School Week or Walk and Roll Week.  In this example Colebrook Elementary’s Mr. Bean Grade 5 Classroom is preparing for iWalk Week in October. He has challenged his students to walk or bike as much as possible through the week, and hopefully beyond. He has sent home the web address for the calculator and his Classroom Code, with a request for the parents to help develop a more active transportation goal. Mr. Bean will use the data submitted by the students for classroom review to explore what the cumulative impacts travel choices can make.   Once IWalk week is over, Mr Bean could have the class rerun the calculator asking the students to post what their actual travel behaviour was for the week, and compare that result to the Goal totals.

Sample Classroom to Classroom Active Travel Results Comparison Report

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