This is a sample of one of the reports available to teachers or administrators who subscribe for access to the Configuration and Reporting tool to view student submitted calculator results.   This report provides active travel (walking and biking) and non-active (bus and auto) trip percentages based trip distance (distance from home to school, in kilometres or miles).

This report is useful for creating a baseline or analysing the success of School Travel Planning or Active Transportation Programs.  For example, this sample report compares a school’s active travel demographic from a survey (school wide use of the calculator) prior to the implementation of an Active Travel program, and a similar survey at the same time the following year.  The percentage of active travel trips by the overall school has increased by 6% year over year. However, for those students who live within 1.0 miles from school the percentage of active student trips actually increased by 13%, a relatively good result which is quantitative proof that the school or municipality’s investment in the Active Travel program is working.

This report is only available with the Advanced subscription.

iSchoolTravel Student Travel Demographics

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