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Explore the impacts of your travel choices to and from school with the School Travel Calculator.

Discover your distances travelled, the calories burned from walking and biking, the cost of car fuel, the amount of car fuel, and the greenhouse gas emissions generated from car use.

Introduction Page

How it works.

Anyone can use the calculator. For stand-alone use click or tap the No, Start Here button to begin calculating school travel impacts.

For use as part of a classroom program, a classroom code will be provided to enter into the calculator.  The classroom code will configure the calculator for a specific school and classroom, imperial vs metric units of measure, the local price of gas, and teacher customizable messaging and travel survey questions.  It will also allow the posting of anonymous results to a school database for class review as part of a lesson or school travel planning results analysis.


How far I travel

How far I travel

Determining the distance from home to school is the first step in calculating travel impacts. The School Travel makes it easy by using a Google Map module to determine the distance between home and school.  If a classroom code is used, the school location will be automatically configured.  Otherwise enter the school name, city and province and state, and the home address.  The distance is automatically calculated and displayed in either metric or imperial measure.



How I get to school

How I get to school

The second step in determine classroom impacts is to enter the modes and frequency of travel to school in a typical week. Mode choices include walking, bicycling, bus and a variety of car types.  Carpooling can also be entered. Gauges displaying calories burned, car fuel cost and emissions are also displayed

How I travel impacts and suggestions



Impacts and Suggestions

Quantitative impacts are displayed along with suggestions for adopting a more active school travel strategy. Students that are able are asked to explore alternate modes of travel to school and see the impacts.  Students that already utilize an optimal active travel (walking or biking) are congratulated. Students that cannot make a change are asked to select from a set of reasons as to why not.

How I travel planner



Build a plan

Once the current modes and frequency of school travel have been entered and impacts reviewed, the School Travel calculator provides a facility to build a plan to compare current travel with potential changes.



How I travel plan results




Plan results

Once the modes and frequency of school travel have been entered a comparison of results is displayed.