What Are CBD Topicals?

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What is CBD Topicals? How can a simple cream to help reduce the signs of aging? A CBD topical is any skin cream, lotion or salve which is regularly infused with CBD and is applied to your skin. While much more research on CBD is ongoing, the promising little do know on CBD topicals has already yielded some interesting results. A newly conducted study on CBD proved that topical applications of CBD can help manage inflammation and pain associated with multiple sclerosis.

Not surprisingly, this latest study was performed by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease (NIAMS). The institute’s focus is on the use of botanical and essential oils for treating inflammatory and pain conditions in both humans and animals. In addition, they are investigating the ability of CBD to slow down the progression of age-related illnesses like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) conducts clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies to test the effects of new drugs on the treatment of cancer. This latest study looked at the role of CBD in pain relief. Two groups of test subjects were selected: one group had to receive only oral CBD; the other group received a cream containing CBD, olive oil, and menthol. Both groups showed similar, though statistically insignificant, decreases in pain ratings. These results indicate that CBD may play an important role in the management of pain in patients with MS. You can get more information about SF Gate CBD Oil

CBD is a major breakthrough in medical science, but it takes time for the full benefits to become apparent. Studies show that it takes up to six months for CBD to produce measurable levels of effectiveness in patients with MS. Because topical treatments can slow the progress of MS, it has been speculated that CBD may also be useful in relieving the pain associated with the disease. It has been hypothesized that, by providing an alternative pain-relief source, CBD may help to protect the nervous system from the damage associated with MS.

If true, CBD should prove to be a valuable source of both symptom-affecting and localized relief for patients with MS. However, because topical products are not currently FDA approved, they are not without their risks. Most importantly, the CBD is a still a drug, just like most pharmaceuticals. With all of the hype surrounding CBD right now, it is not surprising that consumers have become wary of using products containing this unproven ingredient.

The best way to find a product that works well is to ask for samples from reputable manufactures. Many topicals contain CBD; therefore, they will offer samples to potential customers. Be sure to request a variety of topically applied extracts so that you can test for a positive result. If you do decide to try a CBD cream or lotion, you may want to consider investing in some quality CBD oils, as well. CBD has proven to be an extremely effective, safe treatment for inflammatory conditions like MS; therefore, investing in high-grade topical products should provide you with a worthwhile experience.

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